Hi Sugah,


I'm Victoria–

Yes! A person behind the camera and all your emails. Someone you can talk to and work WITH. I am not here to tell you how to run your wedding, I’m here to remind you what a helluva night it was. A social chameleon with a camera, I am a no-sweat, try-anything, kind of girl. ‘A good time’ is not only the name of my iPhone when you find me on AirDrop, it’s me, period. That’s the experience you get when we work together. You’ll want to hire me for 10-hours and keep me for 12. (Read more about how I make your day feel here)

I specialize in photojournalistic wedding and portrait photography– weddings, elopements, and engagement shoots. 

My job is to make you feel so comfortable with me that you are fully and uninhibitedly yourselves, while I work my magic behind the lens.

I service any part of NY from Long Island to Syracuse (so like, a lot of New York) and I am willing to travel so please, please, let me travel. I’m young, single, and ready to flex on Instagram. (I haven't bought a dog in order to be jet-set ready, don’t take this away from me.)

My prices are fair and clear, my packages are inclusive and generous. I answer emails like texts, my contracts are simple, my process is casual and effective, and my company is a pleasure 😉. This is the easiest decision you will make.

Let’s get personal:

Now to the fun stuff: first and foremost, I am a writer. I loveeee to write and make people laugh (check out ‘Stories’ for some laughs). My photography story is not the old "I've had a camera in my hand since I was 12" tale. No. I had a pen, and my mouth. I talk a lot. I like puns, I like writing and reading, creating comedy sketches, and thinking of jokes.

Photography is my visual pen, it allows to me to be me, and your to be you, all with a camera. My style + your faces, day, family = a masterpiece. So trust me when I say I LOVE this shit. (and I curse, hope it’s not a problem.)

My photojournalist tale is still cool one. 5 years ago my parents opened up a farm wedding venue named Gilbertsville Farmhouse (have you heard of it?). At first I resisted hard core. I wanted nothing to do with the damn place. My blood runs through the streets of Queens, NY (not literally because I faint when I see the stuff).

I had no business on a farm. I like shopping and BMWs and the first time I saw my dad's pick up truck I started crying. Eventually, my grief turned into acceptance and I started to lean more into the business. Shortly I fell in love. 

I began running the branding, then the marketing, then the instagram and that's where it truly began. My job was to work with the photographers all day getting photos and curating galleries on our website. I thought to myself "I love this. I want to do this." Andddd Voila!

My mom and I work side by side helping each other with all aspects of both businesses. We like to consider ourselves the Boss-tani's (all six members included).

Hmmmm… what else? My favorite drink is a spicy margarita. I travel more than I am home (25 countries in 5 years and counting). I love hip-hop music, and I think Kanye is an incredible musical-artist… and just that.

I can recite all 3 of John Mulaney's Netflix specials, I cry during every episode of Jane the Virgin, and my mom is my life-force. 

...Also, if you could bring your dog around, I'd love that. But no birds, please. I hate birds.