Stories by Victoria



From the gaze in your eyes to how your finger tips feel against your smooth and soft skin, you are absolutely beautiful. Boudoir goes beyond the boundaries of sex appeal and blossoms from intimate empowerment. This isn’t about him or her, this is personal.

Desire You…



Boudoir is many things but if we really want to get to the bottom line, it’s sexy photos.

Originally boudoir was intended as a secret sexy gift to a lover as a physical reminder of what they have. It’s intimate and beautiful and fun. But boudoir is absolutely not a couples thing. On the contrary your partner is lucky to share in this, because in reality this has nothing to do with them.

Boudoir is an empowering experience: it can be emotional, it can be pivotal. This is a moment for you to fully understand how god-damn beautiful you are and the best part is, you won’t need anyone to agree…all it takes is a look.

 What is Boudoir?



When would I do this

Um, whenever.

  • A Fuck-Fitness Goal

  • A Body Positive Proclamation

  • A Post-Baby Sexy-Celebration

  • A Bachelorette Activity

  • For Whatever You Want

  • For Lizzo

  • Your Birthday Gift

  • A Partner’s Birthday Gift

  • A Surprise Wedding Present

  • A Reached Fitness Goal

  • A Little Break-Up Revenge

  • Celebrate a Divorce, yup.

You deserve this. Any day, any reason. You are a goddess.