Here’s how this goes down:

1. You fill out this info form so that I can get a better understanding of your plans.

The more the better, don’t be shy.


2. I'll get back to you within a few hours- yeah man!

What’s the point of having a computer in my hand if I’m not answering you back immediately. Let’s get cracking!

3. Connect over the phone, over a drink, FaceTime, etc.

Or let’s get straight down to the goodness and get your date locked in!

4. Make things official – you'll sign a contract & pay a retainer to book your date!!

(This is super easy & painless- its all online)


The wedding …

5. I show up - you show up. We party, I cry, you cry. We eat. I take pictures. I resist making a best man speech. I go sleep, you go rage at your hotel. Send me videos.

I’ll send sneak peeks.

6. You'll receive your images back within 5 weeks - who the hell wants to wait 2 months? WTF? Your friends won’t even care by then.

(Kidding… they care about everything you have to share, especially about your diet.)


***If you are interested in a lifestyle or portrait session (Family, Maternity, Newborn, Seniors, Children), that’s cool too. Fill out the form in relation to what kind of shoot you’re looking for.


Hit me up!!!!

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Bae's Name
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If it is an event/wedding, what date are you looking for?
If it is an event/wedding, what date are you looking for?
If it isn't an event and you have a date you'd like to book, please enter that date.
Booboo, if you in love with yourself then say it loud and say it proud. If this is for a family session, talk about how much you love the fuck out of your kids. If this is for a party, tell me how much you looooove champagne. I'm a writer so, I'm gonna ask details.
It's cool, just say it. Let's work with it.
I'm not gonna call you if that's not your thing. I'll text if it's easier than email. Just let me know.
Was it my work? Do you dig my personality? Or are you like, 'look girl, you're close and your prices are in my budget. das it'? I just want to know we're at.