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Let’s get real for a second. You aren’t my art piece, you’re two awesome human beings in love trying to navigate wedding planning and desperately searching for someone who will listen and help and guide and treat you like the humans that you are, not just brides and grooms. There’s a 90% chance you’ve never thrown a wedding before. Me neither, but I’ve shot enough of them to help you out. You’re here for one thing: awesome photos and an awesome experience. I am dedicated to give nothing less. This isn't a inherited talent, it’s hard-work, dedication and investment. I want to make sure that when the wedding day is packed up and gone, you can remember the moments with vibrant, beautiful, and timeless photos. That’s the real deal. Read more about this experience here.



Hi, I’m Victoria.

“Never half-ass two things, whole ass one thing.” – Ron Swanson

I treat my business like a marriage. I went all in. This isn’t my side hustle, and I’m not taking it slow. You deserve a full-time photographer who breathes her work. I work hard to make your life easier. I'm invested so you can be invested in me and my work. Because it ain’t cheap and I want to honor every dollar you spend. Your day is in good hands. Read more about me and my whole-ass personality here.




WHAT DOES MY ART look like?


Timeless. That’s important, because remember those filters we used to use on Instagram? Yeah, keep cringing. Eventually, trends stop being trendy. My work is true to color, vibrant, wild, and fun. What’s in it is emotional and soothing, real and thoughtful, with a little bit of good lighting and a whole lot of spirit. Check it out here.


A WRITER writes.

I am a photographer by trade and a writer by nature. I love making people laugh and sharing my thoughts, travel, and crying episodes through short blurbs, blogs, and personal essays. You want to learn more about the girl behind the camera? Read some of these stories.


The Photographer You Hired.

Hindsight's 2020: A Bitter-Sweet Reunion.

When Traveling Sucks.



WE’RE IN THIS, Together.


Let’s Chat. You can talk to me about anything, no bullshit. I’m here to help, ease your concerns and answer any questions. Shoot me an email and I will answer you back as fast as I absolutely can, even if it’s just to tell you I’ll answer you later. I can’t wait to make your day the best day ever.

***If you are interested in a lifestyle or portrait session (Family, Maternity, Newborn, Seniors, Children), that’s cool too. Fill out the form in relation to what kind of shoot you’re looking for.