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Thank you so much for making this my job.

Seriously, after every shoot, wedding, and event, I have, what I can only imagine runner’s feel after a marathon: euphoria.

I don’t take my job for granted and I hope it shows in my work and in your experience with me. I hope you agree that I have delivered an 5-star experience.

If you feel like there is something that can be improved on, I would really appreciate the feedback to improve my work and your experience for the future.

Seriously!! Let me know, please! Imagine having something in your teeth the entire time you’re at dinner. It sucks and you’d want to know. No?

In that case, I’d love for you to review based on that post-communicated experience.

As we all know, reviews are CRUCIAL. We’re in NYC, we don’t step foot in a place unless it has a crazy amount of 5-star reviews. As it should be, you deserve the best.

That being said, it is so crucial to my business and to couples looking for a good experience, to read true and valuable reviews. I would really really appreciate it if you could write your review, and copy and paste it to the following links:

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If you are a couple:

The Knot Reviews

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