Over a cliff – Hello Summer (Written June 22, 2017)

In the spirit of the new season, here's a video of me living my idea of summer: chasing boys over a cliff into the ocean while the sun beats down on the Balkan Coast.

I wish this video was prettier and I wish I was more graceful. I showed it to my brother and his first question was, "do you not know how to jump?" I do not. I also did not know that you have to pencil dive when you jump off of a cliff. I could hear Rebecca, I just couldn't speak over the pain of my thighs feeling like they had hit concrete.

Alas I am not the sexy traveler I thought I looked like and I did not get their numbers. 

Instead I only have this video: a true moment of feeling alive, captured. And that is the spirit of summer. It's something we wait 272 days for, year in and year out.

Finishing up my 21st year of life, I struggle to figure out what I want to do and how I compare to my friends who are starting their lives in more conventional directions. Summer's magic is fading with responsibilities and the beginnings of our careers. But here I was, jumping off a bar with other travelers making their own way around the Balkans. 

As I was driving today I remembered that I am turning 22 in 8 weeks. There's something so special about being 21 as it's the last big milestone before 30. For the rest of my life, there will be a constant negative correlation between birthdays and excitement. 

But that's conventional and at the rate that I am going it looks like that isn't me. So this video is a celebration to ringing in the summer but also a reminder of how I should ring in my summer birthday: blindly and ungracefully jumping over a cliff into adventure. 

So I'll leave you with this: What is your teenage summer fantasy? You have 93 days, 15 hours, and 38 minutes to live it out.

Victoria Boustani