The Photographer You Hired

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and it’s time I really introduce myself. 


A lot of my peers in the industry are in relationships. Some have children, some just have the ring, some have the house and the car and the dog and all of it. This is what personally connects them with you.

That’s not me. I’m single, happily so, finally. I haven’t been happy about it since I lived in Australia. But as of now I’m really fucking stoked. I’m all about me! The only reason it worries me is because I used to mention a boy to clients and they would squeal at the commonalities. So I felt like “shit this helps.” 

But that’s not me, that relationship never was me or anything to hold on to. I am and have always been Victoria. I’m always single, and my wife is and always will be my friend Rebecca. She is the healthiest, sweetest, most emotionally intimate relationship I have ever had and I swear to God if sexuality was a choice we would have made it many moons ago. 


As for Victoria— she’s funny and kind and always worried if she’s being kind enough. She enjoys overpriced cocktails and overpriced bars in overpriced neighborhoods in NYC. She’ll look at the menu and order a Spicy Margarita. 


She loves her family more than anything even though she has a backwards way of showing it, a trait she inherited from her father. She’s loyal to her friends, overwhelmingly helpful and caring. Thoughtful with her gifts and gestures and less-so with her words. 


She loves road trips and music and always planning them both. She loves spending outlandish dollars on her hair and in general. She hates her car but bites her tongue because she knows it’s all she has right now. 


She goes to hipster church on the occasional Sunday but says ‘fuck’ a lot when walking in because she forgets it’s profanity. 

At weddings, she’ll make sure you have what you need, she’ll always worry she’s getting enough of the goods, she’ll spend out of pocket to make sure you get the photos you deserve, and she will probably forget something and ask you to save it for her. Your bridesmaids and mothers will love her, your grandma will tell her she’s not annoying like those other photographers, and your dad will reminisce with her about the last time he drank scotch in Germany until your mom pulls him away apologizing. 


She loves people hard, and she‘ll try to stay friends with all of you. 

She’s still learning, she’s growing, and she’s choking up right now because she remembers she’s human too. 


She cares about your memories because of how sacred hers are; and if you choose her as your wedding photographer you’d be making her the happiest girl in the world. 


and you won’t regret it. 



Victoria Boustani